Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ma'am Aadmi to Aam Aadmi

Ten days after the elections , administrative work in the state of Maharashtra is at a standstill, as the citizens wait for the elected folks to decide who keeps the reigns of power.

Or money.

Despite being given a reprieve by the citizens of the state , Boss folks up north, are supposed to decree the person who becomes CM. The rank and file of the so called savvy elected politicians have left it to Madam.

Confused women all across Maharashtra are wondering how some one in Delhi can get grown cunning moneyed fellows, who she has never met, to listen, when their own children pretend they cannot even hear .

In addition to women, some veteran candidates are also confused. You are refused a ticket because you and the first citizen of the country do not have the same name. "Independently", you fight and lose, while Fat Cats enjoy discussions and deals in the garden.

But your flight into the Sea of Ordinary Aam Aadmis has been noted.