Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bunking in Parliament : a solution

UPA chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, has taken serious note of dangerous absenteeism in Parliament during question hour recently, when the Speaker had to adjourn the house because those supposed to ask Questions during Question hour simply weren't there.(LINK)

The modern youth malady of "bunking" (as in college), has now reached Parliament.

While a committee has ordered those who bunked and were were located elsewhere, to sit in Parliament and write a certain phrase 100 times, and submit it to the Speaker, those MP's still missing, will be issued RFID tags in red, which they will have to permanently wear .

Failing to do that will result in the withdrawing of things like free phones, free accomodation, free air travel for self and spouse, free secretarial help, free electricity, highly subisdized food, and frequent turning of blind eye by those high up.

A whole bunch of bunking MP's thought they could fool the Congress President with common-man excuses like the train/bus was late, and asked for free cars .

They were instead issued RFID tags in a bright red color. While some MP's with criminal backgrounds from UP and Bihar were found cutting these tags, this is supposed to please the Communists as well as make it possible to trace the missing MP's at all times.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that questions may be asked and there may be a vote in Parliament about this. MP's can come only with the Tags displayed around their necks. An unnamed reliable source , indicated to us , that radio frequency jammer manufacturers were seen at an emergency meeting at an undisclosed place in the capital.


  1. Ha ha! Nice drawing!

    Yes, our MPs are certainly fond of bunking as college students are!

    The MPs would probably cut these tags and tie them around the neck of some dog/cat living in the Parliament grounds, so that Madam would think they were there.

  2. Behaving like a school teacher will not help.
    Children need to be taught from the childhood,which our political class never did.

  3. Do u actually draw all these cute things? !!
    I drifted on to your blog from another one and absolutely love it!!

    Your writin is fun....!

  4. manju I guess we get the MP's we deserve...:-(

    Chowlaji But when will the Congress understand ? Right now if someone sneezes, the reason must come from Delhi......

    Indi I do the stick figures and the concept, and am very good at searching at Google. I then modify the visuals to suit me. Its actually fun, because I am not an artist of any sort.....but thank you for visiting and come again !