Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hyderabad 5-day IWILLYELL International game

In keeping with the various transformations taking place in the cricket game format, and in a direct challenge to Mr IPL Modi, Shoaib Malik, the banned Pakistan ex-captain flew into Hyderabad last week to introduce the world to the Hyderabad 5-day IWILLYELL International game, scheduled at Banjara Hills.

In honor of the Women's Reservation Bill, currently being haggled over by the LokaSabha, this game was a mixed game, and not restricted to men.

Reliable sources indicate that in keeping with the philosophy of reduction in the facets of the actual game, and increase in the pointless side activities, the overs have been now reduced from 20 to 0. Mr IPL Modi is reported to have faxed his congratulations to Mr Malik.

The winner of the game is to be decided by a toss of the coin.

The game took off last week, at the Banjara Hills Stadium, and besides the whole of Hyderabad, most of the states politicians and MP's arrived for the game. Given that this was a mixed game, various religious personages were also minutely observing the proceedings , in case they detected flouting of religious rules.

The opposing teams were captained by Ms. Sania Mirza and Ms Ayesha alias Maha Sidiqqi.

The game was certainly interesting with the international aspects highlighted by Ms Mirza, who actually is proficient at several other games, including tennis. Verbal interviews, volleys, smart shots were the order of the day. On the other hand, the other captain, Ms Siddiqui, intelligently displayed her talents one at a time, wearing a mask, and confusing the audience and umpires.

Mr Shoaib Malik, walked in for the toss, and then simply pocketed the coin, saying he didn't recognize one of the captains. A reliable source moonlighting as a groundman informs us, that Malik was observed winking at Ms Mirza when he came in to toss.

Amidst the ensuing pandemonium, police were called by the sponsors of the Siddiqui team, who registered a complaint against Mr Malik. The problem assumed international significance as Malik has a Pakistani Passport, but luckily, diplomatic personnel from NewDelhi, currently free since the lull in the India-Pak talks, stepped in.

It is reported that the Andhra Mahila Sabha, rushed forth with spectacles of various hues and powers, so that Mr Malik could try each on and see if he recognized Ms Siddiqui. The various intermediaries and religious elders also urged him to open his eyes and apply his mind.

The winner was formally declared when , subsequent to proper spectacle selection, Mr Malik tossed the coin. The only difference was, he was the one who shouted Heads /Tails, as the two captains were totally dumbstruck . Mr Malik declared the winner by patting Ms Mirza on her head. Ms Siddiqui was awarded the Confuser-of-the-match award.

The BCCI has taken charge of the coin for investigation, after rumors circulated that it had Heads on both sides.

Results are awaited by April 15th.


  1. The last line is the clincher ... ha ha ha ..

    BTW how does one pronounce your blog name and what does it mean.. Paavai

  2. "reghotya" is a marathi word, that means "scribbles". Since I am not an artist, I classify all my stuff as scribbles.