Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eyes of the beholder.....

(Submitted for the
Travel Photo Blogadda Contest)

I am not much of a photographer when it comes to profusion of colors, compositions, brilliance etc. These things leave me tongue-tied as well as hand-tied.

And so I take pictures of things that convey an oddity/story/situation to me....

This was in the Cellular Jail in Port Blair, Andaman Islands. The floor which houses the cell occupied by Veer Savarkar. The rooms were nothing to speak of either in size or ventilation. But each room had this huge cast iron pucca latch, which actually went through the wall before it engaged with the door on the right, for locking. In a completely unplanned way, the evening Sun ensured that this would be a prison photo.

Singapore Jurong Bird Sanctuary
. What was captivating was the attitude of the flamingos, as their keeper appeared with , maybe , instructions.

What made me laugh was the supreme indifference shown by some, presumed paying of great attention by some, and lots of inter-flamingo chitchats that were in process , with them blithely showing their backs to the keeper. Reminded me of lots of meetings back home, and just a little bit of the Miss Universe contestants , given the grace and statuesqe bearing and confidence of the flamingoes...

Ross island, very close to Port Blair , Andaman Islands
, was a British military settlement before independence. Almost like a town. Today it houses the ruins of the old settlement and an establishment maintained by the Indian Armed forces. It can take several hours to completely go around the island. Wandering across a complete ruined settlement, while returning to the boat, I came across these ducks, marching so, in line, led by the commanding duck.... Just thought the ethos was so appropriate....

Mountains and peaks, stretching far into the distance, at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, a fossilized tree, appeared to be invoking something , hands raised to the heavens. The thick branch on the left seemed to be opening up a beak, crying out. Surrounded by the amazing panorama of mountain colors, small peaks and plateaus , bare and strong, standing through centuries in support. I often wonder what such a tree must have observed over the hundreds of years...

At another point , at the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, snaking through the valley deep below. I thought the plateau on the right actually resembled giant feet, of some standing deity or super entity.

The hugeness of the feet matching the grandeur of the Canyon; a watchful patron God, as it were, supremely standing on the river bank and mountain, protecting the ancient set up....


  1. Beautiful images. The fifth shot is great.
    All the best.

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  2. The last pics are brilliantly composed!

    And oh LOL at the Flamingos LOL!!!

  3. Hey nice pictures, all the best for the contest.

  4. I like the 4th one the most, perfect composition I'd say.

  5. Great pics! I almost posted Grand Canyon pic on mine but took it out..

    All the best for the contest..

  6. Lovely pics...
    The ducks going in line really very sweet...
    And the last one of Grand Canyon is also amazing :)

  7. I just loved the 4th pic! Brilliant :)
    BirdPark is such a nice place no :) I luved what u hv written abt the flamingos :)

    I so wanna visit Andaman and Port Blair soon .. hs been my dream for quite some time now. All the best for the contest Suranga :)

  8. Brilliant, the one at Singapore is the best.

  9. Rajesh Thank you !

    Nishant Singh Thank you, and yes, the flamingoes had great attitude...

    Vivek Thank you

    Ananya Thank you ...

    Richa Thank you.

    Shilpa Thank you . I liked the ones you liked too...

    Swaram Thank you. And yes, do not miss the Andaman Islands. So much to see and learn...

    Chowlaji Thank you...

  10. All are amazing! :)
    The write up with each pic is very interesting! :)
    I liked the first pic most. A motivating pic to sacrifice oneself for the country.