Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pockets Museum

Belgian artist Jan Bucquoy's "Musee du Slip" or underpants museum, which opened in Brussels earlier this month, displays framed underwear of prominent citizens, labelled nicely. The artist states that the framed underwear represents a utopian longing for an equal society, and that history would have been different if this exercise had been carried out, in, say, Hitler's time...

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Our sleuths in Delhi report, that some leading artists here, are planning a similar Pockets Museum, where leading politicians, and almost all politicians will be requested to donate their pockets for display, in real time, whenever requested . For those in power who function in a pocketless mode, pockets of their sons or close aide, will be eagerly accepted.

Unnamed reliable sources in government indicate that the Pockets Museum will be part of a larger entity called Pockets Park, which will also have some games for children. In keeping with the latest directive from the government , these games will involve physical activity from the children instead of pressing buttons on a screen . The first game likely to get operational soon is one that would help tone the biceps, and is called Aim at the Pocket

Portraits of folks with deepest and heaviest pockets will be hung from trees, and there will be a competition for aiming and downing the largest number of such portraits. The prize will be the contents of the pocket(s) .

In unusual cases, free transport home will be provided for the winners, with temporary Z plus security.

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  1. Wacky idea. And the contents of these priveleged pockets would be worthy of close scrutiny!