Monday, July 27, 2009

The Zplus Supper

Withdrawal of NSG cover to VIPs: Mixed response (Link)

A supper was recently held to discuss Zplus security. All the Z-types were in attendance.

The Government is mulling over withdrawl of Z plus security to various folks, pending a review. The NSG has written a letter to the government asking for return to its army related security work as opposed to guarding MP's, ministers, ex-ministers, ministers wives, children and so on. They have requested that the local police handle this security.

It is rumoured that in some places (where a single "leader " has 35 policemen just "sitting" outside his house), there is an unprecedented demand for getting postings there .....

The concerned party cadre MP's were in an uproar in Parliament over this, and the PM promised to maintain the Zplus security.

Our leaders can now plan, discuss, drive, hide, eat, socialize ,threaten, fight, earn , lose, see movies, exercise, design statues, ride chariots, , fly , (and if you are Deve Gowda, sleep) , all under Zplus security....

Jai Ho!