Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fast and slow tracks of justice

Accused in the 1993 terror trials demand non vegetarian food in jail. Judge orders authorities to look into it. Link

Certain items of inordinate national importance come up for immediate judgement. The terrorists blew up trains, killed innocent people returning from an honest days work.
The powers that be bend over backwards to comply with their requests.

In the meanwhile, people who routinely swipe grains meant for school mid-day meals, are free, and the cases , presumably are on the slowest track.

Its not important. Neither are cases where senior citizens are fighting for justice for so many years. Those cases never come up. Its do or die.

Its the judicial backlog, you know.

Tandoori chicken, anyone ?


  1. Yes, backlog is a huge problem.
    Justice delayed is justice denied.
    - old saying.

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  4. so providing chicken to undertrials is injustice?

  5. Hobo,Babli Thank you. what amazes me is how cases of ordinary people take years to come to court, and the same courts seem to bend over backwards to accomodate the wishes of the terrorist undertrials

  6. L. Venkata Subramaniam

    This is like asking if someone cannot stand for election if he/she earns in crores . The question is how the crores happened.

    Its not a question of chicken or any other animal. And nonvegetarian or vegetarian has nothing to do with it.

    The injustice lies in the fact that those that are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, are in a waiting list for their cases to come up, are often denied homefood/food from outside, while those whose guilt is there in black and white on films across the world, killing thousands of innocents, shamelessly ask for fancier food, and this is taken up as an important court activity immediately.

    In fact , the food facility for everyone in jail should be the same. And if you ask me, the fellows who are clearly terrorists need to be made to work in some useful jail job, for their meals.

  7. I've seen the statue of a lady with a balance in her hand in movies that represent justice. Now, I can see why she's always blind folded!

  8. In fact , the food facility for everyone in jail should be the same. ........ agree to this.