Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bhaji and IPL

The Maharashtra State Bhajipala Samiti was a special invitee to the IPL Auctions 2010 , today.

Reports indicate that the Agriculture Minister who is also associated with the IPL most of the time, wanted the Bhajipala folks to learn how to buy the produce from the farmers. And learn all about AUCTIONS.

Gangubai Kadam, long time seller of leafy vegetables,tucked in her paloo, and had a question for Shilpa Shetty about when was the last time she had gone to buy vegetables.

Babanrao Dhole, all the way from Nasik, questioned the need to SELL cricketers, by announcing their rates louder than the Tur dal rates currently showing. He understood that a company called Reliance was now in the bhaji business but was sorry to note that they didn't have a clue about french beans.

They observed a man in stage, holding the microphone, standing like a headmaster , announcing things to several well dressed Bhaus and Mavshees, with a hammer in his hand, and Sulochana, the most observant of the Samiti, decided that there was nothing else for the headmaster to do, if the people at the tables continued to eat and drink all the time, not paying attention when prices were being announced.

Kamlabai , the oldest of the lot, noticed the buyers eating all kinds of sugary stuff , and drinking , what she thought was some alcoholic drink, that Ganpat said, was using something called ethanol , available from sugar factories.

Reliable sources indicate, that the aforementioned Gangubai, asked the Minsiter point blank at what rate he bought the sugar being used. He didnt have an answer because he got it almost free.

After about 15 minutes, the gathered press noticed the Bhajipala Smiti emerging outside. The auction inside, buying and selling cricketers, was still on.

CMM-IBM interviewed Gangubai, who gave them a looking over, and is reported to have said :

" Two many zeros inside. Some have 4, some have 5. After 1.

We are different.

In our lives, thanks to the Agriculture Minister, there is only one zero. By itself."


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