Saturday, March 6, 2010

Judiciary Landmarks

The Supreme Court Of India has upheld the 1989 sacking of a railway constable found glued to his radio during duty hours.

Babu was appointed as a constable in the RPF at Vijaywada in the year 1977 and promoted to the rank of a Naik on November 30, 1989. After he was fired, he approached the lower courts, and a single judge of the Andhra High court reduced his termination of service to cancellation of 4 increments.

The Union government, appealed this decision of National Importance, at the Supreme Court. And fought it bravely for 21 years. The Court has now ruled that the firing was perfectly fine.

In the meanwhile, the various judges across the land are now being asked to get ophthalmic checkups, naturally at very fancy hospitals. Rumor has it that these were ordered after it was pointed out by the opposition that various ministers have been not only hearing commentary , but playing cricket , in office hours, sometimes even with judges. And as far as the CBI knows, ministers do not have a ZZ+++ security, that allows them to turn invisible.

An ex-railway minister, even changed some Cricket rules regarding lbw, after the top edge of the kneepad was mutilated as he bent to sweep a ball from an opposition member, off the ground. He is reported to have said "Yeh communal forces, desh hi nahi, balki cricket pads bhi tod dete hai !"

In the meanwhile, a new birdlike minister, supposedly appointed in external affairs, to stop him from meddling in internal ones, has been practicing playing cricket on official tours, dressed in his native best. Our sources reveal that the real reason behind playing wearing a lungi, (and not pants), is that the ball cannot trickle to the stumps easily as it is thwarted in its attempt by the pleats of the lungi . He also is trying to introduce an India-specifc method of getting out: lbw.....lungi-before wicket.

However, subsequent to the hue and cry about the policeman being fired, for enjoying what is every Indian's birthright, the PM has appointed a Parliamentary committee to study multitasking at work. This was a direct result of various stalwarts pointing out that if a single minister could head cricket, IPL and Agriculture at the same time, and create a mess in at least one, what was so shocking about a policeman listening to commentary while directing traffic?

Reliable sources indicate that thanks to Sachin hitting century after century, the policeman kept indicating that, and traffic kept moving without stopping for a long time, till Ashish Nehra came to bat, at which point the policeman's hands came down.

When last checked, Rahul Gandhi was said to have asked for the policeman's file, from one of the anti Telangana MP's.

Stay tuned for further news.


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  2. With this judgement in hand, there will be not a single Babu left in any ministry in the country.