Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Learning from "elders" ?

The passage of the 33% Womens Reservation Bill in Parliament was frought with hooligansim of the worst kind, by our legislators.

March 8, was International Women's Day. Our worthy representatives in the Parliament, tried their level best to pass the Women's Reservation Bill on that day, but their levels were found so wanting that the best didn't happen.

Instead, a bunch of kids from National High School, paid minute attention to the indisciplined going ons in Parliament, and accused their Civics teacher of misleading them about Netas .

Instead of quietly sitting and ruminating about all the year round homework bunking that made them fail, the kids rushed to the teachers desk, to protest. Several kids threw balls of paper torn from their textbooks at the teacher, some threw paper airplanes made out of the result sheets, and one kid even opened his lunch box and threw rice at the teacher. An effort was made to grab the teacher's books kept on the desk, and some fell to the floor.

All because she announced that only those declared as Pass, would get promoted to the higher class.

Reports indicate that the main instigators of the revolt are a few students whose ambitions to be head-boy were thwarted in the democratic procedure followed by the School Council, despite their efforts to woo the teachers by bringing them huge bouquets on their birthdays, and Teachers days, not to mention crying false tears during farewells and stuff.

The school has security, but fears confrontation if the students are touched. So the Principal has declared a holiday, till the violence subsides. Parents who are at their wits end , what with increase in fees, difficulties in admission, delays in results and cheating in exams, have threatened to complain to the minister for education.

"No class management at the most basic level", said an irate parent, "this has happened so many times, the principal should have been alert about such things. "

The Minister for education, currently busy with BT-brinjal discussions , is reported to have given an appointment in 2011.


  1. Nice post! As usual with regard to our politicians- it would be funny if it were not so tragic!

  2. You have said everything you wanted to say without even mentioning a name.
    I wonder if the situation will ever improve.Only time will tell.