Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Judiciary Awakening......

This is what appeared in the Mumbai Mirror, today, May 20, 2009

Bow to your wife’s diktat, Supreme Court tells husbands (Link)

The Judiciary has finally awakened. :-)

Among the pearls of judicial wisdom :

If your wife asks you to put your face that side, put it that side. If she says, put it this side, then put it this side. Otherwise you will face trouble. We are all sufferers.” "

"Listen to whatever your wife says, otherwise you could land in trouble,”



  1. Great sketch!

    I read this news report earlier today. Seems SC judges are now moonlighting as marriage counselors!

  2. Manju isnt it amazing, that one's thoughts on the news report leak into the pictures. The judge ended up looking a bit rakish. I kind of thought the Supreme Court judges were exceeding their brief, so to speak....

    Rush thank you and welcome to Reghotya !....

    Sucharita You notice the deafening silence from the male bloggers ? :-)

  3. good job.your dabbling in art as well as the court's verdict.As for methylating your DNA I have no words at all're one who does not have the phrase 'giving up' in your lexicon1Keep it up lady.You are an inspiration.

  4. Great great graffiti! Never knew 'paintbrush' could give birth to so much creativity!!

    The headlines of the Judges quotes was GREAT wasnt it!! Though my husband wasnt all that enthusiastic about this piece of news!! I wonder why?? ;))