Saturday, May 23, 2009

The 'K ' Opera

"Yes, What will you have , sir ? "
the Congress asked .

(Coffee, Tea or Ministry?)


Mr K, on the phone to the PM.

Karunanidhi, the head of DMK, currently the ruling party's primary ally, demands ministries for his children as a condition for support.

The family tree is as shown. Matters get complicated due to a multiwife multikid system. Wives are not shown.

K and A may get ministries, S gets the state as his fiefdom, and we still havent shown Karunanidhi's nephew, who demands the IT ministry.

The K operas on TV may have gone into a lull.

But the K opera continues, full blast , in politics.

K : daughter Kanimozhi S : daughter Selvi
S : son Stalin (real name :-) ) A : son Azhagiri T: son Tamilarasu
w :wife (generic), numbered chronologically.

(Where did all the qualified people in Chennai go? Why the K's ?).....

P. S. I mean, why have someone with an "A " name fighting elections from Madurai ? I know an excellent "K" type from Madurai , whose name has something in common (50%) with another son " T" shown above.......:-)


  1. I should not but I cant control my laughter...

    sad situation though

    brilliant work

  2. Your drawings are getting better by the day!!! And the observation, as usual, is accurate and trenchant!!

  3. What an amazing post! Paint work's also been excellent. Too good!

    Keep it up!

    Take care.

  4. Teach me how to make these drawings. The K concept has been well utilised by a famous TV producer who is once again a daughter of a famous cine Star. Oncew again sons and Daughters. Any relations?