Monday, May 18, 2009

Missile Magic

This appeared in the Mumbai Mirror today May 18, 2009. Read Here

All political leaders who were made targets of footwear missiles in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls have tasted victory in the elections 2009.

Legend :

M : ManMohan Singh, the PM

A : L.K.Advani, Opposition Leader

C : Chidambaram, Home Minister

plus two others .

Nowithstanding the protective shields they have in front (white), today, besides, money, oratory, stamina, and guile you also need to appoint guys to throw shoes at you....


  1. Interesting coincidence, Suranga, I did a limerick-post on this very same Mumbai Mirror report a few hours back.

    Your paint-attempts remind me of the stick-pictures drawn on ancient cave-walls, but the skill-level and wit-o-meter is high as ever. Kudos!

  2. I am impressed - I have never seen stick figures look so good. Passionate subject I guess.

  3. Forgot to say love those shoes, lol

  4. Sucharita I think both you and I secretly admire those that freely fling shoes at unpleasant folks. The Limericks and this are our way of flinging things.

    And the choice of stick figures is deliberate. You can draw things totally disproportionately , anatomywise, which suits me just fine, and you dont run the danger of making a sad person laugh and vice versa...

    Lilly Thank you. You know, the trick is to just let your hand arbitraily wander with the mouse as you THINK about what you want to draw. And Voila, you get one of those implausible action figures. I'm sure nobody in real life will look like that. :-)

  5. Watch our Suranga - the newspapers will want you as a cartoonist soon.
    Floods have interrupted blogging for me for a couple of days - I'm safe but my sister was staying because her house looked as though it may be in danger. The sun is out here now, even though 20,0000 people have been evacuated further down the coat where I live in Australia, and the land and the sea are in turmoil.
    I'll be arranging our virtual exhibition later today, and ordering cheese and wine - be sure to waft over and see your very own 'works' displayed on our virtual walls.

  6. June Sorry to hear about all these floods . I hope that your sisters house escaped the fury of the floods, and that all of you are OK.

    Thank you and I will look forward to the exhibition with wine and cheese

  7. Hello! I didn't know where to put this note to you because there was no email address... but I wanted you to know that I appreciate you answering my survery over at The Cerebral Outpost! It meant a lot to me that you took the time and did that. I appreciate it very much. You have a lovely blog! Wishing good things to you always...
    Weary Hag