Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Gandhis are more real than others....

Parliament to host 4 Gandhis for the first time.(LINK)

The late Indira Gandhi's 2 daughters-in-law, and two grandson's now in Parliament....

Actually, there are 5.

Sonia Gandhi, UPA chairperson, her son Rahul Gandhi. Both Indian National Congress

Maneka Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party.
Her son Varun Gandhi, belonging to the same.

Unfortunately, in all their estrangement, fights, name calling,threats and enimity , they have forgotten the original Gandhi, no blood relation of theirs (thankfully), who has been in Parliament , sitting outside with his eyes closed. Maybe he anticipated this. And he couldnt watch....

The Gandhis:

S: Sonia R: Rahul P : Priyanka(she isnt in Parliament, yet)
M: Maneka V: Varun


  1. Way to go Ma'm! This blog looks interesting. Pictures and your unique way with words!

  2. I take a bow ! This is an awesome piece. And i salute your enthusiasm and energy !!


  3. Devaki Aga, ekdum Ma'am wagaire kashi zale ? :-) Hmm. But yes, its a lot of fun.

    kavi Vishram ! ( You keep saluting and bowing, and I was dying to say this. )

    yes, the energy and enthu is there, probably misplaced, but I've been trying to draw Karunanidhi for the last 20 minutes, an d he keeps looking like someone else. maybe the planets will be better tomorrow, after the PM is sworn in....:-)

  4. This blog is so interesting. U r so innovative. Hats Off!